How Do You Know If Your Payroll Company is Depositing Your Payroll Taxes or Not?

Published: 11/11/2014 4:14:36 PM

How do you know if your Payroll Company is depositing your payroll taxes or not? You know the money is leaving your bank account, but how do you know it is getting to the IRS and the State? No matter how big or small your payroll provider is, their reports and ACH transaction records are not proof that your tax money got to it's intended destination. So how do you get proof that your payroll taxes are being paid?

Easy, register with the IRS' EFTPS system and in California the EDD's e-Services for Business. Then you can view your current and past tax deposits, up to three years. Need help getting setup on these sites? Then contact us and we will help you.

* Cloud Payroll uses Accountants World (AW) as our payroll software provider. They debit the taxes and hold them in their trust account. No one at Cloud Payroll has access to your money, even our payroll fees are debited by AW and forwarded to us four days later. AW carries a $5 Million Fidelity & and $2 Million Professional Liability Bond as well, so your tax dollars are safe, secure and get to the government agencies on time.